RP 33 FBI Visits Cost Abe Jobs

Text on page 33:

Perhaps the most insidious fisurs [physical surveillance events – D.K.] were field visits by FBI agents to Abe’s various employers to inquire about the information he supplied on his job applications. Comments by these agents that they were investigating Abe for possible Communist affiliations almost invariably resulted in his being fired, as the FBI well knew. For example on April 9, 1957, an SA in the Baltimore FBI office wrote: “On March 7, 1957 ---- Radio, Electrical and Television Schools, Inc., (RETS), 101 Market Place, Baltimore, was contacted by SA ---- stated that subject began employment there on February 4, 1957 as a radio and television instructor on a part-time basis for a temporary period until his performance could be observed. “On March 20, 1957 ---- informed SA ---- that subject’s employment had been terminated on March 8, 1957.”

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