RP 35a Two in Attendance from Aberdeen, and Julia Tabbed for DETCOM

Text on page 35:

In a May 16, 1950 letter to Hoover, the special agent in charge of the Baltimore Office reported: “In addition to the above ---- recently reported having learned ---- that two members of this club are employed at Aberdeen, Md., and that because of their employment these individuals do not participate openly in CP activities; however they do contribute substantially to CP causes.”

And Text on page 59:

The discovery that two persons from Aberdeen, presumably Proving Ground employees, had attended a Communist Party meeting in Baltimore not only triggered an immediate and intensive investigation by the FBI, but also landed Julia on the FBI’s DETCOM list in May 1950.

Copy of original memo: [Note: Name of person mentioned in text, other than Julia and Abe, omitted by author to respect that person’s privacy. – D.K.]